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Call the office at (734) 994-3668 to inquire about the selection and purchase of these products.

For pain relief, we are an authorized distributor of Biofreeze and CryoDerm and ThermoDerm.

Price List: BioFreeze, CryoDerm/ThermoDerm, Dr. Jills Pads, and other. These products can be purchased in the office or sent to you (with a little postage).

There is an extensive selection of shoes in the office. Please stop by to look or make an appointment. Some insurances cover diabetic shoes. Please inquire at the office.

Dr. Jill's Foot Pads, dr jills, ann arbor, michigan

Dr. Jill's Foot Pads
We can custom order.
Pricing Available

biofreeze, ann arbor, michigan


Available in the office.
Tub or Roll-on.
Pricing Available


Click the Crocs picture.

Diabetic Shoes

cryoderm cold pain relief thermoderm hot pain relief

CryoDerm and ThermoDerm
available in the office
Pricing Available

Custom and pre-fabricated
Product Available

PLEASE NOTE: Credit Cards for payments are being accepted at this time.

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